2017 MCBA International Artists' Book Award

Delighted to be selected for this special merit award honor in the 2017 MCBA International Artists' Book Award.

We are pleased to announce the finalists for the 2017 MCBA Prize

Hannah Batsel (Chicago, IL) – Maneater 

Tim Hopkins (London, England) – The Book of Disquiet 

Ellen Knudson (Gainesville, FL) – Ingress / Egress 

Nader Koochaki (Astigarreta, Spain) –  Soineko Paisaia / Dorsal Landscape 

Ines von Ketelhodt (Flörsheim am Main, Germany) –  Alpha Beta

In addition to the five finalists, the jury also selected three works of special merit:

Sue Huggins Leopard (Rochester, NY) –  THIS PAST WINTER

Ann Kalmbach and Tatana Kellner (Rosendale, NY) – The Golden Rule

Christine McCauley (London, England) – Mist

The MCBA Prize is the first honor to celebrate the diversity of book art and recognize work from across the field and around the world. This year, the jury consisted of three distinguished leaders in the field of book arts. They were: Steven Daiber, book artist and proprietor of Red Trillium Press; Simon Goode, founder and executive director of London Center for Book Arts; and Karen Kunc, book artist and proprietor of Constellation Studios.

The works of the five finalists and three special merit will be on view at Minnesota Center for Book Arts from July 20-23rd during the 2017 Book Art Biennial.