Girl Struggles


Conceived as an artifact that might be passed down to future generations of women, my story includes a hand written letter that begins:

My Dear Girl, I am getting to be an old woman now. Old enough to have imagined who it might be that comes after me. It must be you……………………

This message to my imagined girl, continues on to address personal & universal themes of love and loss and to offer a backward glimpse.

The book has evolved from this instinct, in this spirit, and tries to give a palpable sense of one person speaking to another across the vastness of time as all books do. Other girls and other ideas have swirled their way into the visual and written narrative alluding to qualities and states, fears and joys that we most likely all share, cross generationally and cross culturally. 

18 double- sided pages bound in a stiff leaf accordion structure Housed in a clamshell box.

36 individual collages made from leftover etchings, lithographs, ink jet prints and photographs by the artist on various Italian and Japanese papers, mounted on 2 ply buffered rag and hinged with book cloth in a double sided, stiff leaf structure that allows for a sculptural presentation.

Text by the artist; ink jet printed on Moriki paper.
Box of Cave Paper with blind stamping

Edition of 3

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