Perfect Song


Birds thrill me, as they have countless writers and artists. Many of my etchings and other artworks employ bird imagery, the owl being a favorite. Having found myself with piles of bird images that I’d created for other projects, I decided to do a large collage book to celebrate the birds. Where would we be without birds to delight, intrigue, inspire and serenade us? How curious and magical the sound of bird—as testified to in the book which uses text by Robert Bly, Emily Dickinson and Carly Simon. We can only
listen in wonder and praise.

Accordion stiff leaf structure using two colors of book cloth; collaged pages of letterpress and inkjet text, photo etchings, watercolor, hand painting, monotype and copper foil stamping. 7 x 18 inches opening to 42 inches. Presented in a clamshell box created with two colors of Cave paper with original collage and copper foil stamping.
Box measures 8 x 19 inches.

One of a kind

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