This Past Winter


This past winter was one for the record books here in Western NY.  I spent time exploring the collection of 19th century wood type housed in the basement of the Printing and Book Arts Center in Rochester, printing an ongoing record of thoughts as the snow fell relentlessly.

My own grumblings, newspaper articles concerning global warming and a peppering of Shakespeare’s profound complaints were all printed and then selectively handwaxed to varying degrees of translucence in an ever expanding white on white statement that grew to 25 feet in length as the snow finally melted and Spring became a blessed reality.

Accordion structure, measuring 4 by 10 1/2 inches,  opening to 25 feet. Hand printed in white ink on Kitikata paper using antique wood type. Selectively hand waxed. A white plexi cover structure provides support for the sculptural presentation when fully opened. Housed in a white silk Japanese style box created by the artist.


Edition of 4

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